With all units acting in harmony, MD Tekstil adopts business principles based on quality and continuity, always striving to produce better results. Our human resources unit raises employee awareness and supports them for more innovative and higher quality products. 

While contributing to national economy, MD Tekstil produces the highest quality products with the lowest cost. Placed among significant powers in the sector, the priority of MD Tekstil is to know its clients better, and to deliver its products to its clients on time and with the expected quality. Quality assurance units control all processes from fabric delivery to the factory to output of finished goods in full detail. Taking care to ensure a continuous level of quality, the company does not neglect to also control production units and outsourced workshops. 

MD Tekstil continues its activities in scope of reliable, honest, transparent and ethical rules, with awareness of responsibility. MD Tekstil uses the latest technologies in its production in order to provide quality for its clients faster and with more advanced techniques. Our human resources unit continuously works to raise employee awareness regarding company culture, company objectives and working principles.